Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Chiptune Edition

from eVADUM

TI-83 Plus Chiptune Edition with a preinstalled version of the HOUSTON TRACKER (2.30)


PS: Service anouncement:
If the power cell of the ti is empty and you loose your data, i will put the houston tracker again on your device for a small prize incl. the shipping cost.

Sold Out


eVADUM Germany

the home of the music projects eVADE, duality micro, c.e.m. rec and the vdren radio cast
I live in lower saxony /Germany and have been making electronic music since 1995. I occasionally release tracks for public preview.
I also produce a radio cast on The Ems Vechte Welle called vdren.
Every friday at 22:00 o clock
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